At DAMAGE LAW, we look at this phase of the Property Damage Claim as the Pre-litigation or Adjusting Phase.

At this phase of the Property Damage Claim we at DAMAGE LAW assist the client with filing the claim in order to prevent the insurance company from denying coverage or to prevent the insurance company from limiting recovery for the loss that occurred. Don’t Let Your Insurance Carrier Unjustly Deny Your Homeowners Insurance Claim.

Policy Exclusions

Typically, insurance claims are denied because of policy exclusions and disputes over valuation. In order to maintain their profits, insurance companies will attempt to find any reason to deny Residential and Commercial policy claims based upon an overly broad interpretation of the exclusions in the policy.  Insurance Carriers are trained to find reasons to deny your claim in regards to water damage, fire damage,  smoke damage, windstorm damage, vandalism, and theft frequently.

The attorneys at DAMAGE LAW are committed to ensuring that you receive the benefits you are entitled to under your homeowner or commercial insurance policy. If your claim is denied, Damage Law will help overturn claim denials in order to restore the property to its pre-loss condition. We will aid in investigating your loss to ascertain the genuine cause of the damage and the actual costs to repair the property back to its original, pre-loss condition.

Your DAMAGE LAW attorneys can help with these potential issues and other claim disputes.

Low Offers and Valuation Disputes

Insurance companies often give policyholders a low valuation regarding the actual cost od repairs and the extent of property damage sustained. They underestimate how much it will cost to repair your damaged property or to the cost to replace your damaged contents. Your DAMAGE LAW attorneys will look out for your best interest and help maximize your recovery in order to complete the repairs to your damaged Residential and/or Commercial Property.

If we are unable to resolve your claim at this phase, then your case may be ready for litigation, wherein an action for Bad Faith and breach of contract will be brought against the Insurance Company.

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